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A0 Poster Printing of RYLA Mission Statement

This is a mock-up of an A0 poster I designed for the RYLA 2012 seminar (District 9640). The idea behind this design was to come up with an alternative to a traditional Mission Statement for the RYLA organising committee. RYLA is a Rotary sponsored youth program for people ages 19-29(ish).

A0 Poster for RYLA 2012 mission Statement

This poster was designed in Flash and exported in sections to overcome issues with Flash’s image exporter. When trying to export images over a certain size, usually around 5000 pixels high or wide, Flash will not output the entire image. Because of this, I had to break the poster up into a grid and export each bit separately. It’s not ideal, and it’s something I won’t have to deal with once I make the transition to Illustrator.

When printing a poster this size, I like to use a good quality paper stock and I laminate it afterwards. My old university gives me great pricing on this sort of thing, so it’s relatively cheap to create high impact posters like these with minimal outlay.

Here is a scaled down version of the mission statement.

Whole A0 Poster Printing image for RYLA Mission Statement


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