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Authorship Integration for Higher Visibility

I uploaded a website for my brother, Blair Munro from Gold Coast IT Support a couple of weeks ago and integrated Authorship and Publisher-ship from the outset.

Gold Coast IT Support Website

The domain for his website is goldcoastitsupport.com which is going to rank well anyway for a search like ‘Gold Coast IT Support’, providing his site is not just spam or a doorway with advertising.

For the past week, the site has been appearing in the top 10 for the search “Gold Coast IT Support”. Today it’s settled at number 5, and it’s authorship is now displaying.

Gold Coast IT Support with Authorship

Authorship is a great way to improve site visibility and Click-Through-Rates in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Since it was made available in 2011, Authorship listings have been popping up in Google’s Results, and if you want to join in the fun, pay attention to the rest of this post.

The official method for verifying your authorship is detailed here: https://plus.google.com/authorship

Notice how the domain is plus.google.com? This means that you’ll need your Google Plus account. Don’t have one? Sign up and get circling. You can’t have Authorship without Google Plus.

1. Edit Your Google Plus Profile

Once you’ve signed into Google Plus, add your email address to your profile. Make sure that this email is on the same domain as the website that you want to set up authorship on. For example, I’m the author of Shopsafe.co, so my email address will be elliot@shopsafe.co

Add your email to Google Plus

Click Save, and then click Done Editing.

Click Verify next to your address to receive your email from Google Plus.

Google Plus Verify Email for Authorship

Once you’ve followed the link in the email, you should see a tick next to your email on your profile.

Google Plus Verified Email

Next, edit your ‘Contributor To’ section to include your website. Make sure that you match it exactly. If your website URL is www.yourwebsite.com, and you add it to your ‘Contributor To’ section as http://yourwebsite.com, then this won’t help with verification.

Google Plus Contributor To

2. Edit Your Website

Now you’ll want to insert the following code onto every page that features your content. Because I am the only contributor to my site, I’ve added it to my header code so that it appears across the site.

<link rel="author" href="[profile_url]"/>

Replace [profile_url] with your Google Plus Profile address, it should look like this:

<link rel="author" href="https://plus.google.com/u/0/102541318227726465065/"/>

Google’s Authorship Guidelines also state that you should have a byline on each page that features your full name as it appears on your Google+ Profile. I’m not sure if this is necessary in all cases. I have a few pages that have authorship without a byline, but it doesn’t hurt your chances for verification if you do include it.

3. Check Your Verification

Use this link to check your website, or any page on your site, to see whether Google knows you are the author.

If you have set it up correctly, you should see something similar to this:

Check your website's Authorship

You can easily confirm authorship of any page by making a new bookmark and pasting the following piece of code into the link address:


Click this bookmark from any page, and you can see whether that page has a verified author.

It’s taken about 10 days for profile images to appear in Google Plus for site’s that I’ve verified so far. Check how Google is displaying your results by searching for site:yourwebaddress.com in Google Search.

If you would like assistance on anything in this post or if you would like me to set up Authorship for your website. Email memake an enquiry or call on 0755 999 999

Click here to read my post about Google Plus Page publisher verification


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