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Customising, Promoting and Verifying Google+ Pages

Today I uploaded the first review on As part of the case study for this project, I’m documenting the steps that I’m taking to optimise traffic and ranking in Google.

This article will show you how to get started with your Google Plus Page once you’ve created it.

This is a screenshot of the Google+ page for Gold Coast Theme Parks:

At this point, only 2 Google Plus accounts have circled it, that’s me and Shopsafe media.

When you make a page in Google+ you cannot follow people unless they add you to their circles first. So initially, in order to increase your exposure and following, you need to add other pages.

It’s best to focus on business and brand pages that are related to your own business or brand. In the case of Gold Coast Theme Parks, I’ve circled business pages that relate to Tourism, Attractions and Travel on the Gold Coast.

Before you circle a page, make sure that you have something to offer on your page at first. There’s no incentive for another page to follow you back if you’ve got a blank page with the standard cover photo.

Which reminds me: make a custom Google Cover photo. This is easy and effective, and it surprises me how many businesses don’t do it. The dimensions for a Google+ Cover Photo are 940 x 180, though remember that your profile photo is going to obscure some of your cover photo. I make sure that my cover photo’s logo or title only extends to the 580 pixel mark, this allows a bit of white space between your profile photo and the contents of your cover photo.

This is what the Gold Coast Theme Parks cover looks like:

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions


Now that you’ve made your page look nice, you’ll want to integrate it with your website. The easiest way to do this is to take the ‘Link Website’ text from the About section of your Google Plus page:



I usually add it onto the footer so that it it displays on every page. Once you’ve added it, you can click Test Website to verify your page as your site’s publisher. It can take up to two weeks for your sites URL to display the verification tick on Google Plus.

You’ll also want to verify your email address. If you haven’t added an email address to your Google Plus Page, add one by editing your profile and clicking on Contact Info in the About Section.

Verify your email by clicking Verify next to it’s listing. It’s important that your email address is on the same domain as your website. For this project, I registered and verified

Finally, to test whether your business page is verified with Google, go to this address:

And enter your site’s URL.

You’ve done it right if you see something like this:

Google Plus Verified Publisher

In Summary!

  • Make a post or two on your new business page
  • Create custom cover and profile photos
  • Follow pages related to your business or brand
  • Link your website with the publisher code on your Plus Page
  • Verify your email address
  • Test your publisher linking here


Click here to read my post about Authorship verification. Authorship allows your Google+ profile image to appear next to your pages in Google Search Results:

Google+ Authorship



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