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Gold Coast Internet Marketing

Shopsafe has provided Internet Marketing Services to Gold Coast Businesses since 1996. Since we launched our first local directory marketing site of the 90’s, we’ve had Gold Coast websites make up the core of our business.

Internet marketing strategies have changed in recent years, and we’ve changed with them. Our commitment to keeping abreast of Internet Trends and best practices allow us to give our clients the best advice and assistance.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Plans that work

The first, and most important rule, of Internet Marketing, is that Google cannot be cheated.

If somebody tells you they can give you thousands of back links  join your site to link rings, or use programs to generate unique articles to send you traffic, steer clear. These practices will damage your online reputation, often irreparably. The quickest way to be penalised by Google is by engaging in these negative SEO practices.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Trends

Social Media Marketing has changed so rapidly in recent years. Back when I started Uni, there was only Myspace, by the time I finished, Facebook had taken over. These days, for business, Facebook is not what it used to be. Since they introduced sponsored posts, the ROI benefits for businesses have all but disappeared The click-through-rates for advertising on Facebook are laughable, and the price to promote your posts to reach all your likers is prohibitive.

These days, it’s all about Google Plus. Now you may not use it, you probably have an account that you made in 2011 that you haven’t touched since. You might be thinking, “I don’t know anyone who uses this platform regularly so why should I put my effort into promoting my business on it?”

The answer is, because Google uses it.

Google Plus Integration

Google Plus Integration

Your reputation is everything online. It’s what sets you apart from the spammers. Google Plus is how you build your identity, it’s your opportunity for legitimacy in a world full of impersonators. Google Plus integration allows you to attach your identity and the identity of your business to your content.

We will integrate Authorship, Publishership and look after your Google Plus page branding. Google is all about anti-spam and real content by real people, we’ll ensure that Google knows that your content is important, unique and worth ranking.

Content Optimisation

Content Optimisation

We will help you tell your story the right way. Google values original and relevant content, and we’ll show you how to produce it. Our content optimisation services will ensure that you are getting the most out of your site.

Internet Video Services

Internet Video Production

Shopsafe Media has produced hours of online video for Gold Coast businesses and Institutions. My first Internet Marketing Video experiment in my degree led to being contracted to produce a video web series for Griffith University. Since then we’ve been hired to create internet video advertising to promote the new Learning@Griffith Web Platform.

Internet Video is the most engaging way to reach your customers, and we love doing it. We work with MAM Productions on the Gold Coast to produce professional content that entertains and informs.

We handle the whole process while keeping you up to date. We write, produce, film, edit, upload and market your videos. We make videos that people love to share. We’ll make Internet Marketing Videos that you’ll be proud of.

Photography Services

Photography Services

We work closely with professional photographers to showcase your business, staff or products. We organise the shoots and oversee the project to make sure that we’re getting what we need and that nothing is missed. When we work with other businesses as part of your Internet Marketing Plan, I make sure that everyone is on the same page. We work with Gold Coast based photographers that will invoice you directly, I don’t add anything onto their prices. I ensure that the correct rate is quoted, the correct equipment is available and the schedule is kept to. In the past, I’ve worked on many shoots where time is wasted due to disorganisation and lack of communication. For our clients, I make sure that the entire process is transparent and efficient. It’s taken a while to find professional photographers who have the right equipment and really know how to use it, and the team at MAM productions are the best we’ve worked with.

Photography Services

Cross Platform Compatibility (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)

We can make sure that your site is displaying properly across all devices and operating Systems. From Smartphone optimised Web design on 3G connections, to 27 inch displays with super-fast broadband, our in-house designers are across it. Try to ask for something that they can’t do, I haven’t been able to. Our designers are world-class, and they work fast.

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