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Social Media has changed a lot in recent years, and we’ve changed with it.

We’ve seen the days of Myspace when a business account was a novelty reserved for indie record labels and T-Shirt start-ups, to the rise of Facebook  where it was a travesty for any business to be without one. In recent times, there has been a drop in the ROI benefits of Facebook for many Gold Coast businesses. This is mostly due to Facebook’s desperation to justify their valuation. They’ve tried to further monetise the network by charging businesses to promote their posts.

The problem with this strategy is, for many businesses, it’s not worth it. Since facebook implemented sponsored posts, businesses have lost the the ability to reach many of the customers that have liked their page. Something that was once free to do, is now prohibitively expensive. Even paying for advertising on facebook is not effective, especially compared to Google Adwords Marketing.

These days, I’m all about Google Plus.

Don’t get me wrong, I still provide facebook branding and marketing services, though I’m not seeing anything approaching the benefits of proper Google plus integration.

Why Google Plus is important for Gold Coast Businesses

Since it began, Google has been fighting a battle against people trying to cheat the system. Dodgy Internet Marketers have lured customers in with promises of unlimited back links, automated content creation and armies of online accounts providing artificial reviews. And every time, Google has penalised these sites into obscurity. What might work for a short amount of time, will cause irreparable damage to your online reputation in the long run.

Google Plus is not just Google’s version of facebook, it’s Google’s way of beating the spammers. It gives you a single verifiable identity that you can use across all Google products. It allows us to create and verify business pages and connect these to your website. It’s what sets you apart from the millions of sock puppet accounts that try to game Google and get ahead. Google Plus allows Google to see who is real, and who is not.

We will help you legitimise your web presence by integrating authorship, publishership and Google Plus page branding.

We also provide Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing. See below for details on our Social Media services

Gold Coast Social Media Services

Google Plus

Google Plus Business Pages

Google Plus allows us to merge your existing Google Places listings with new Google Plus Business Pages and integrate them onto your site.

Your Google plus page will be associated with your address. When people search for your services in your local area, they will be able to visit your Google Plus page from the maps listings. By helping you to consistently update your Google Plus page with relevant, original content, we can get your Google Plus page in front of more customers.
Google Plus Pages also allow us to integrate publishership. With publishership, we can verify that the Google Plus page is associated with your website. This enables the display of social data next to your listing. These could be the number of ‘+1’s you’ve received, or an overview of Google’s information about your business, called a Knowledge Graph.

Google Plus Authorship

You might have noticed while searching Google, there are images of people next to search results. This is called Authorship, where Google has verified that these people have written the content on the page. And I don’t mean that Google has memorised their writing style or anything like that, Authorship is verified by making some changes to your Google Plus Profile and adding some code to your site. Authorship integration has resulted in massive increases in Click-Through-Rates for our clients’ sites and our own. When we set up Authorship on your site, we can help Google verify that this content is original and is written by you. By having your image next to your search results, you stand out from the crowd and have more legitimacy in the eyes of your customers.

Google Plus Branding

Google plus pages have a Profile and Cover photo similiar to Facebook. We will set up your business branding for this page so that it consistent with the rest of your online presence. Here are some examples of our existing Google Plus Branding for Gold Coast Businesses:

Facebook Page Creation and Branding

Facebook page creation and branding

Facebook Business Pages are useful to interact with your customers and clients. Whether you have an existing Facebook page, or you would like one created, we can help you. We provide Facebook branding and design services for Gold Coast Businesses. This includes profile theming, profile and cover photo design, photo watermark designs and online promotional materials.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Campaigns are useful to engage and interact with your customers. We help you plan, execute and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. We can help you build your facebook audience, and motivate your customer-base to promote your business. Facebook Campaigns will often supplement other areas of your Internet Marketing Plan, so speak to us about your options.


Instagram Creation and Branding

Instagram is a quick and easy way to build customer awareness and engagement. If you don’t have an Instagram account for your business, we can create one. We’ll configure your profile and set up your profile photo so that it’s consistent with your existing branding. We can also integrate your Instagram account with your Facebook and Website, so that it automatically updates across your platforms.

Instagram Audience Building

We’ll get you started with a local, relevant audience, and show you how to build it. We’ll demonstrate how to effectively use hashtags and upload the type of photos that people will engage with. We can help you build an audience of thousands of followers that will interact and engage with your business.

Get your free quote for our Gold Coast Social Media Marketing Services, make an enquiry, or call us on 0755 999 999


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