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Gold Coast Theme Parks Case Study - Shopsafe Media

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Gold Coast Theme Parks Case Study

I was setting up a site for my brother, Blair Munro at Gold Coast IT Support, yesterday when I noticed that we had a domain called GoldCoastThemeParks.com that wasn’t being used.

I’ve decided to use the domain as a case study to show clients the benefits of having a consistently updated site with a relevant domain name.

Today I signed up to the Dreamworld Affiliate program, and this weekend I’m off to the theme park for content inspiration. (Also it gives me an excuse to use the yearly passes that I bought for my girlfriend and I in January.)

I set up the WordPress for the site today, and right now there’s nothing on it. Though I have made the Google+ Page, which is verified as the site publisher and I’ve set up my G+ profile for Authorship.

Also, earlier today I put together the logo using the starburst design that I can’t seem to stop using for my own projects.

Gold Coast Theme Parks Logo Design

Gold Coast Theme Parks Logo

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