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Gold Coast WordPress Design

We’ve been building websites for Gold Coast Businesses since the mid 90’s. In recent years, WordPress design has been a large part of our core business. The great things about WordPress are it’s customisable feature-set and easy to update applications. We can have WordPress sites up and running in days, not weeks, because the platform is so simple to edit.

Why should Gold Coast businesses choose WordPress?

WordPress is easy to use

I love the open-source nature of WordPress. It wasn’t just built by developers, for developers; It was built by developers, for everyone. Anyone can edit and update a WordPress site, it’s as simple as updating an office document. We’ll also provide you with 1 on 1 assistance to get you started, as well as on-going support at any time.

WordPress is cheaper

WordPress saves you money because the framework is already there. It has a rich feature-set that allows you to do almost anything you want with it. If a feature isn’t standard to WordPress, chances are there’s a plugin for it. WordPress sites are cheaper than other sites because the platform itself is free. You just pay for the domain, hosting and labour, and the rest is included.

WordPress can display well on all devices

We use responsive WordPress themes that ensure that your site will be easy to use on any device that accesses it. We’ve set up responsive web design, and separate mobile sites, for many Gold Coast Businesses and have gotten some great feedback for it.

WordPress can do almost anything

WordPress Themes can change the look and layout of your site, but what if you want to add a feature that your theme, or WordPress, doesn’t have? What if you want to integrate your Instagram, or add a custom slider? That’s what Plugins are for. There are thousands of WordPress plugins which help you expand the capabilities of your website.

WordPress can be optimised for Search Engines

If used correctly, WordPress sites can perform extremely well in search engines. In fact, the site you’re reading now has been developed on it and we’re very happy with it’s performance


We offer Basic, Standard and Advanced WordPress Packages. If you would like more information on our WordPress packages for Gold Coast Businesses, make an enquiry or call us on 0755 999 999.

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