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Improving your Text/HTML Ratio

I’ve taken on a website revamp for Tweed Endeavour Cruises and one of the first things I’m doing is cleaning up the HTML.

Since the business just bought a new hire boat, I’m starting with the Charter section. The page content looks OK at first, though there’s some atypical formatting used for the charter menus. A quick check with SEO Quakes Chrome Plugin reveals that the text to HTML ratio is 28.4%.

It depends who you ask about whether this ratio is a big deal for your SEO. I just asked across the office and Jim Munro from Shopsafe (also my dad) doesn’t think it has much of an impact, while the SEO Quake plugin says that anything under 50% needs critical attention.

Any way you choose to look at it, if your HTML looks like this, it’s not a good thing.

Messy HTML code

I included a screenshot from my phone here to show how it displays on mobile devices.

The text on this page has been copied from another document without being formatted for the web. And even though it might look passable on a computer screen, it’s pretty much unreadable on a phone.

This is a relatively easy problem to fix. All I had to do was copy the text from the online site into notepad, and then paste it back into the CMS over the existing messy HTML.

Once I have just the text, I can apply the site-wide CSS formatting. This process saves going through the code and removing the chunks of unnecessary formatting bit by bit.

Here’s the updated HTML with a screenshot from my phone. This process improved the text to HTML ratio from 28.4% to 42.61%.

Clean HTML and with Mobile view

There’s still a bit of work to be done with the site, we’re implementing a big redesign in the next couple of weeks, though little tricks like this ensure that we’re getting the most out of it’s existing content.



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