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Incoming links have risen after using Google Disavow Tool

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Incoming links have risen after using Google Disavow Tool

The following discussion has been summarised from the 20th installment of +Dumb SEO Questions Google+ Hangout.

Asked by Brad Leibowitz

Full Question:

After much documentation, manual review and emailing hosts, I submitted to Google for disavowal of over 20,000 links – this is on behalf of a company I work for. This was about two months ago. Two weeks out from the submission, the links coming into the site in question dropped from 27,500 links to 647. It’s a large drop but due the back linking report of the company in question, it needed to happen. Fast forward to yesterday.

While reviewing the health of the site within Google Webmaster Tools, I was stunned to see the total links coming into the site jumped back up to 24,7645.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, how did you go about fixing it? It seems evident that if the total links coming into the site jumped back up again, the original Google Disavow Tool didn’t work as I hoped it would.


In short:

Why have my incoming links dropped, then risen again, after using the Disavow tool?

Responses from SEO Questions Hangout

Jim Munro: I think he’s referring to that glitch that occurred when data dropped out of webmaster tools and then reappeared.

Rob Maas: In Google Webmaster Tools you won’t see the effects of the Disavow Tool. The links won’t disappear from your site, they will just become nofollowed. So there’s not much there to look at regarding whether your disavow test was successful or not. Apart from the Webmaster tools glitch that occurred two or three weeks ago.



If you use the Disavow Tool, you won’t see the links disappear from within Webmaster tools. If you’ve noticed a sharp decline in the number of incoming links, you might be seeing the effects of a recent Webmaster Tools glitch.


Question addressed in Google Hangout:

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