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Infographic Poster Design

This is a poster I designed in 2010 for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) committee.

The poster itself is an amalgamation of two ideas put forward by the committee. The first idea was that the mission statement should be a list of short affirmations that the Seminar organisers can keep in mind, and the second was for the team members to write a word list about what the seminar means for them.

I took the word list and the affirmations and started on this poster. I’d been wanting to create an infographic design for a while, though till this point I’d never had a project that suited it. I like how some designers can present information in really interesting ways, and this is what I was trying to achieve here.

A couple of things to keep in mind if looking at this from the outside:

  • The poster is pink to reflect the team colour for that year.
  • It features the ‘warm fuzzy’ mascot, which is a little fuzzy ball with tiny limbs.
If you would like me to design a poster for your event or business, email me or call on 0755999999
RYLA Mission Statement 2011 Mockup
Infographic Poster Design

If you live on the Gold Coast/Northern Rivers of NSW, you can learn more about RYLA here www.ryla9640.org

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