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Logo Recreation for Low Quality Images

I’m looking after the Google Plus Page verification and branding for Anglers Warehouse.

Anglers Warehouse is one of Australia’s biggest online providers of fishing tackle, and they’re based right here in Tweed Heads (at the southern end of the Gold Coast). I met with them yesterday to go over the details and collect some existing branding, and I was told that a previous designer had not provided them with the original artwork for their logo.

In fact, these were the only images we had at our disposal for the Google Plus Page branding.

Anglers Warehouse Original Logo


I needed to recreate the fish graphics, and for this I’ve got two options.

  1. Trace the images, creating my own detail along the way. Or…
  2. Attempt to find the original graphics that the first designer used.

Because there is so much detail in this logo, I went with option 2. For this design I would have to break down the logo into it’s various components (fish) and use some tools to find higher quality versions. In situations like this, reverse Image search is essential and there are 2 sites that I use regularly.

  • Tineye Reverse Image Search: Upload your own image or enter an image address. This will find ‘Exact Match’ (or very close) images.
  • Google Search By Image: Click the camera icon and either upload your own or paste an image URL. This is useful for both ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Visually Similar’ images.

I also used the Dejan SEO Reverse Image Search Plugin. This plugin allows you to use Google’s Search By Image by right clicking on the image and choosing ‘Reverse Image Search’

The first thing I did was break up the existing logo, export each fish separately, and then use the Reverse Image Search tools to find matches.
Using this method I was able to find high quality matches for three of the five fish:
Reverse Image Search Matches for Logo RecreationThe other two were a bit more tricky, I couldn’t find matches using any of the tools, so I went trawling (!) through the visually similar results and came up with the following partial matches:

Visually Similar matches for Logo Recreation
I changed their colour slightly to match the originals and, using the provided logo as a guide,  brought them all together into one logo:

I now have a scalable (!) and editable vector that we can use across our online branding and provide to our client for printing purposes.
For comparison, here are the original and recreated logos side by side: (click for full image)


If you would like me to recreate a logo for your business. Make an Enquiry, Email me or call on 0402 419 901 or 0755 999 999

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