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Logo Recreation with Font Detection

I’m working on the GoldCoastThemeParks.com site today and I’m collecting vector logos of the local theme parks. The problem is, not every park has a vector version of their logo available to the public.

I’m not affiliated with these parks so I don’t have easy access to the original logos, so rather than call up their marketing department, I’m going to recreate the missing logos as vectors myself.

It’s important to have a vector version of your business’ logo so that you don’t run into re-sizing issues when using it for printing or other design work.

This was the largest version of the Wet n Wild logo that I could find using Google’s reverse image search.

Wet n Wild raster logo

The sizing of it is pretty good, though if I’m using the logo in a video or in another vector design, I’d like to have the freedom to make it as big as I need.

The first thing I did was try to locate the font for ‘Wet n Wild’. The quickest and easiest way to identify an unknown font is by using WhatTheFont from MyFonts.com.

You just have to upload the image, or specify an image URL, and enter the letters as they are identified.

The problem with the Wet n’ Wild text is that it’s separated across the middle by a wave design. This will cause problems because WhatTheFont will see each segment of the letter as an individual letter.

At first I tried to remake the letters as they would have appeared without the wave.

Wet n Wild WhatTheFont

This didn’t work, because WhatTheFont was unable to identify any matches. It might be the case that the Wet n’ Wild logo is an original bit of artwork rather than an actual font, or that the font doesn’t exist in the database. Though it’s more likely that I wasn’t able to recreate the letters accurately enough.

I was able to find the font for the “Biggest ‘n’ Best” text, so I overlaid it on the original and got to work tracing the logo.

Biggest n Best WhatTheFont

Once the logo is traced with vector lines, I can add the fill and I’m done.

Wet n Wild Tracing

Here is the original raster logo with the vector for comparison.

Wet n Wild Recreation


If you would like me to recreate your logo for your business, make an enquiry, send me an email or call on 0755 999 999


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