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Low budget SEO – Who should I hire?

The following discussion has been summarised from the 20th installment of +Dumb SEO Questions Google+ Hangout.

Asked by City Same Day Couriers

Full Question: We are currently launching in the USA and we are looking for someone to help us with SEO and get to the top of Google in all major US cities. Is this achievable? If you know or could recommend someone to help us in this, Starting at a low budget but building up to a large budget as we expand.


In short:

Should I hire a large SEO firm?

Dan Petrovic: If you want to save money, go with a talented freelancer rather than a big firm. They tend to have more focus and attention. Though there are positives and negatives. If they go on a holiday, you’ll be out of touch with them. They don’t have that support network and multiple skillsets. Though if you are working on a small scale, I would go with a solo operator. When you are ready, that freelancer might grow with you as you pay them more money. Though do your homework thoroughly.


Lyndon Na: I’ve had a quick look at the site. They’ve got the standard site issues. Things like Canonical homepage issues, bad links, varying case in the URLS. So whoever you go with, ask them to see if they can find these sort of problems first, because these are the issues that will affect you. Also look at your conversions, you might be better off having your quote form on your site rather than forcing the user to go to a third party site. I wouldn’t trust going to another domain to enter my details without being told why.



If you want to save money on your SEO Optimisation. Hire a freelancer instead of an agency, though be sure to do your homework. Also ask someone familiar with SEO to identify some obvious issues with your site, and then find a freelancer that will identify the same issues and know how to fix them.


Question addressed in Google Hangout:

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