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Poster for OOOOBY – WIP

This is a work-in-progress poster for OOOOBY in Palm Beach, Queensland. OOOOBY stands for ‘Out Of Our Own Backyards’ and is an event where members of the community can meet and swap homemade and homegrown food and crafts.


OOOOBY Work In Progress


My girlfriend is on the organising committee for this and asked if I could put a poster together for it. Since it’s Christmas themed I put a Santa hat on a makeshift Ooooby logo (overlapping and rotated Cooper Black text with a Mission Script tagline).

From there I got the idea to split the poster between the North Pole and Palm beach with the snow drift  > wave as a centerpiece. I traced the wave from an open source vector and made the background from that foundation.

I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far. I still need to make the text a bit more distinguished, but since I use Flash as my drawing tool, I’m not able to do the shadow effects that I had in mind. There was a time, when Flash could no longer export EPS files, that I was a bit worried about how I’d work between Illustrator and Flash. But recently¬†I found out that the FXG files that Flash CS6 exports can be imported into Illustrator as vectors. So that takes care of that.


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